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Helping stakeholders realize value and improve patient safety in clinical genetics, genomics and precision medicine.

Our experts have decades of experience as leaders in the clinical genetics and genomics testing industry.

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Providing the metrics needed by stakeholders to identity the most accurate and clinically efficacious genetic and genomic tests

Fact checking the evidence used by laboratories to clinically classify genetic variants

Unique contracts tailored to the needs of stakeholders

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“Our independent, nonprofit organization provides the needed expertise and services to help stakeholders identify genetic and genomic tests with high accuracy and clinical efficacy, which regulations and existing accreditations do not ensure. Too frequently the precision medicine goals of patients, clinicians, payers and drug developers are unknowingly thwarted by inaccurate or ineffective genetic or genomic testing. We facilitate the realization of value from among the confusing scramble of the new precision medicine era.”

-Julie M. Eggington, M.S., Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of the Center for Genomic Interpretation

Everything we do enhances our nonprofit mission to save and improve lives through encouraging careful stewardship of clinical genetics, genomics and precision medicine.

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